E Commerce website

E commerce is just a channel which enables an organisation show case its products and service to the customer. Having website does not guarantee that customer will come to your site and buy your product and service. This involves careful analysis of the business segment. Now e-commerce is becoming so crowded that getting attention of customer base is becoming increasingly difficult. However a business cannot ignore the e-commerce channel as millennial are increasing becoming demanding, they want increased personalisation, increased advisory service, Quick delivery of product and service which are of good quality.

To fulfill the above requirement we have to follow certain strategy. For example identify persona(s), assess their needs, Develop the strategy for meeting the needs, develop the process and support those process using technology. All these steps needs to aligned so that they support each other instead of working against each other.

Identify persona(s)

Identifying persons is an important task in identifying needs. Start with Big picture then gradually narrow down the attributes so that you pinpoint exact nature of customer. For example, let us say first identify what is their nationality, Identify sub region if that country is heterogeneous culturally, Then identify their sub culture. you can drill down to district or town/city even down to particular area. This will complete more or less the geographic levers. Then start with next dimension of persona psychographic division such as sex, age, occupation, Interest or hobbies, behavious and so on. When you complete this exercise, you will be able to pin point exact person or homogeneous group of person, where they have similar requirement.

Assess their needs

Develop the strategy

Develop the process

Support using technology